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Aysa is a novel approach to finding answers to questions about your skin. How consumers can use this app makes for an attention-getting story—as does the technology that makes it possible. We welcome media inquiries!

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Our media kit provides the basic information and resources you need, including a company information sheet, product images, logos, and brand guidelines.

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Aysa in the News

AI holds great promise for visual fields like dermatology, but faces many challenges

November 29, 2018

by Jonah Comstock (NOVEMBER 14, 2018) Computer vision has great promise for helping to democratize fields like wound care, dermatology and more. However, as companies explore this potential, they’re also discovering a number of challenges to overcome. Companies like VisualDx, which have a robust dataset from years in the CDS… Read more

MobiHealthNews: VisualDx launches Aysa, a consumer-facing dermatology app

October 11, 2018

Clinical decision support tool maker VisualDx officially launched Aysa, its first consumer-facing app, last month at Health 2.0 in San Francisco. The app allows users to upload pictures of skin lesions or rashes, enter some additional information about themselves and receive suggestions of what condition they might have and what… Read more

MedCity News: VisualDx’s new app lets users check skin conditions using AI

September 21, 2018

by Erin Dietsche, MedCity News (SEPTEMBER 20, 2018) VisualDx, a Rochester, New York-based company that designed a clinical decision support tool for doctors, has expanded its innovative thinking to the world of consumers. At the Health 2.0 conference earlier this week, it launched its first app geared aimed at consumers: Aysa, an artificial… Read more

VisualDx Launches Aysa for Consumers to Check Skin Conditions Using AI

September 17, 2018

Aysa brings peace of mind in 4 easy steps. SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept 17, 2010/PRNewswire/ — Today, VisualDx, the leading diagnostic clinical decision support tool for physicians, unveiled its first app geared at consumers, Aysa, at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara. Aysa, an AI-driven smart symptom checker app,… Read more

VisualDx to Launch AI-Enabled Smart Symptom Checker

August 15, 2018

Beta testing of Aysa, an AI-driven app, begins and revolutionizes the public’s understanding of skin conditions VisualDx, the leading diagnostic clinical decision support tool for physicians, has announced the beginning of a beta test for its new artificial intelligence-driven symptom checker app, Aysa. The new app will allow patients to… Read more

Science 37 and VisualDx collaboration aims to spur participation in clinical dermatology research

April 24, 2018

VisualDx, a health technology company that developed a mobile-based skin cancer assessment tool for clinical decision support and a patient facing website, has teamed up with Science 37 to provide timely information to patients and physicians on clinical trials. The goal is to increase patient and physician awareness of clinical… Read more