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Privacy & Security

The only thing more important to us than your health is the privacy and security of your information.

Putting your needs first

Aysa protects your privacy through use of Apple’s CoreML (machine learning), which is executed within the app on your device. Your photos of skin issues never leave your phone. Image recognition and skin condition analysis occur right on your device, ensuring privacy without discounting accuracy or speed.

Protecting your profile information

For each person you use the app for, Aysa asks you to create a profile. Profiles consist only of first name, age, sex, and skin type. No other personal identifying information is included. The profiles you create only exist in your Aysa app on your device, and no one else has access to them. Profiles can be deleted at any time and any cases associated with that profile are deleted as well.

Aysa servers only record when Aysa is used. No identifying information, such as phone number or profile information, is recorded. Aysa is GDPR-compliant. Please review our Privacy Policy for further details.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your photos

Every time you use a picture in the app to understand a skin condition, you start a case. The picture is tied to that case, and picture analysis is run through your phone’s Core ML technology. Photos and case information are not stored on Aysa’s servers.

If you take a picture of a skin condition within Aysa, it only lives in Aysa and is stored with that case. It is not saved in your camera roll. You can also use skin condition photos from your camera roll if you give Aysa permission to do so.

Aysa Privacy Protections