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Aysa Is Your Skin Rash App

You can count on Aysa as your trusted skin rash app for checking skin symptoms.

Instead of just worrying about that rash, redness, or other skin condition, you can get the guidance you need with Aysa.

What is Aysa?

How to use Aysa

Using Aysa as a skin rash app and symptom checker is simple. Just snap a photo, answer a few questions, and let Aysa guide you in the right direction. Your pictures and information never leave your phone.

How Aysa Works

When to use Aysa

Sometimes you need answers to your skin questions right away. When you want to stop worrying and start taking action, Aysa provides guidance and peace of mind right from your smartphone.

Ways to Use Aysa

Why you can trust Aysa

Aysa puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to skin symptoms and your health, guiding you through easy-to-answer questions about possible skin conditions and clear treatment options.

How We Build Trust

Who created Aysa

Aysa is brought to you by VisualDx, a healthcare informatics company dedicated to improving healthcare through better decision making. Our assets are currently used by more than 2,300 hospitals and clinics around the world.

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