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Content by Experts

Content by experts

Searching the internet for answers to your skin conditions can be challenging. That’s why Aysa is built on the experience of more than 47,000 doctors and nurses through the data provided by VisualDx. This includes a collection of more than 120,000 medical images and a patented knowledge base of 200 skin conditions.

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Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy

In order for Aysa to help you understand skin conditions, some basic profile information is stored locally on your phone. Your health, as well as the privacy and security of your information, are most important to us.

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Aysa is powered by VisualDX

Powered by VisualDX

Aysa was developed by VisualDx, a healthcare informatics company dedicated to improving healthcare through better decision making with more than 50 physicians on its editorial board.

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