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The Professional Hobo: The Best (Must Have) Travel Apps (25 of My Personal Favourites)

MAY 4, 2019

According to recent studies, nearly two-thirds of U.S. travelers rely on smartphone apps to enhance their travels.

  • 61% have booked and paid for travel through their smartphone
  • 65% want real-time flight alerts throughout the journey
  • 54% prefer to use an app to add booking extras on-the-go

Would you believe I started traveling full-time before smartphones were really common? (Gosh, that dates me).

Having said that, I would be lost without my smartphone now. With all my years on the road, I’ve harnessed my smartphone to make travel easier, faster, cheaper, and more comfortable.

Here are 25 smartphone apps that have transformed travel as we know it.

On the Go Apps

Skin Condition Questions? AI-Inspired Answers with Ask Aysa

I recently discoverd this app, and now it’s on my phone both on the road and at home. Using the expertise of over 47,000 physicians and nurses along with AI technology, this app is pretty revolutionary.

On the road, it’s so easy to have a “skin thing” – be it inflammation, bumps, flakes, or something else entirely.

Is it serious or not? You sure don’t want to ruin your trip by sitting in the emergency room unnecessarily; then again you don’t want to ignore a problem that becomes serious as a result (trust me; I’ve done both).

That is where Aysa comes in. Simply take a picture of your skin condition, answer the follow up questions, and Aysa will analyze your photo and give you personalized guidance. While it’s not a diagnosis tool per se, it may help put your mind at ease, or preventatively treat a little problem before it becomes a big one (or alert you to something that may require medical attention).

It’s a great travel app, because on the road, you might not be in easy distance of medical care, or even anybody who speaks English. Aysa is my first line of defence when I have an abnormality on my skin.