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Bianca Dottin: Say Hello to the Newest Symptom Checker App: Aysa

As mamas we know kids are accident prone. Scrapes, bruises, scratches, mysterious bumps, rashes – you name it. How many times have you seen something on your skin or your child’s skin and completely freaked out then continued to make the first doctor appointment available? I’ve been there, more than once. With Aysa, I can say goodbye to the worrying and last minute scrambling for an appointment. I’m able to cut down on the trips to the doctor and save money in the process.

Say Hello to The Newest Symptom Checker App: Aysa

Aysa is a symptom checker app. It can also be used to check for skin rashes. In just a few simple steps, you can have all of the possible results for the symptoms that are present. The app is so easy to use. First, snap a photo of the area. Then after you’ve answered a few simple questions like your list of symptoms, you’ll get all of the possible results. Once you’ve gotten all of the possible outcomes, Aysa will tell you the next steps. Possible next steps include prevention/self-care methods, a telemedicine call with a medical provider if necessary, and will even help you locate the nearest doctor that can help with the condition.

I love that Aysa is an easily accessible symptom checker app on my iPhone. It makes it easy to get answers whenever I need them. All of the content is developed by medical experts so I don’t have to worry about any misinformation. When we’re on the go whether it’s a family road trip or a Girl Scouts outing, I knew that I can count on Aysa to get me the answers that I need.

I don’t know about you but I know that Aysa will go wherever I go so that I can have a peace of mind. Aysa is currently available in the Apple app store.

*Aysa is not meant to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

DC Area Moms Blog: Questionable rash? Weird bumps? Ask Aysa

by Allison from DC Area Moms Blog

Maybe you’ve been here before: your kid has some bumps on his skin, and you’re not sure why. You’re looking at him wondering if they are bug bites, heat rash … or wait, could it possibly be scarlet fever?

You take a picture and send it to a friend. She talks you down from your scarlet fever panic, but you’re still wondering to do. It’s not urgent enough for the hospital, but the doctor’s office is closed.

Starting this week, you can consult a new app, Aysa, that aims to help you answer questions about common skin conditions. Aysa is basically like that friend you text with pictures of your kid’s rash, except Aysa has seen 120,000 skin pictures before.

Digital skin advisor

Aysa draws on this massive medical image library to generate possible answers to your skin queries. Users take a photo of the rash or bumps and answer a series of simple questions like, does it itch, do you have a fever? Then the app lists a few possible answers and treatments. The options for treating it yourself are good and thorough. Aysa covers over 200 conditions, from eczema to shingles.

The app has a disclaimer. It does not diagnose. It may be smart technology, but it’s not a doctor. And you should always see a living, breathing medical professional if you have a serious concern.

Aysa may not be a doctor, but it is the brainchild of one. Dermatologist Dr. Art Papier has a passion for technology and its ability to help assist in diagnoses. He co-founded VisualDx, the company that developed the app.

“As a dermatologist, I know my patients are going to Google before coming to see me. But, too often, what they find is not only inaccurate, but dangerous.” Papier said in a statement. “Our patients deserve better and Aysa can provide peace of mind to a worried parent and serve as the foundation for a productive visit to the doctor’s office.”

Research shows that 80% of internet users search for health topics online, however, 50% of the online symptoms checkers are wrong. When it comes to skin conditions, the average wait time in metro areas to see a dermatologist is 32 days. Because of the clinical data and image library behind Aysa, the app is able to help make more accurate and efficient. Aysa is not a diagnosis tool, rather it is a guidance tool to help in the next step decision process for consumers across the country.

Sick in the Caucasus Mountains

I had a chance to try out a beta version of Aysa this month. We had a stressful day with a sick kid on our summer travels. I was eager to see if the app would help.

My husband frequently travels overseas for work. This summer, the whole family tagged along with him this summer on a trip to the Republic of Georgia. (We’re not talking the Peach State, but the nation-state in Eurasia, on the Black Sea.) The trip was great and hard, as any big adventure with two young boys would be.

But at one point in the trip, we found ourselves in a remote mountain town with a sick kid. My 7-year-old son had bumps all over his body. I counted 50 without even asking him to roll over. We were pretty sure they were bug bites from a sub-optimal sleeping arrangement next to an open window. But then he spiked a fever, threw up, and spent the day in bed. And I got scared.

If we were home, I would have called the doctor. But we were on the other side of the planet. So I did what desperate moms do in 2018. I started wildly googling various diseases.

My Aysa Experiment

I replayed our bumpy scenario with Aysa, when I had an opportunity to test the app. I plugged in a photo of my son’s skin and answered a few questions about the bumps, their location, and the other symptoms.

Aysa gave me a list of eight possible answers, including scabies, bug bites, chicken pox, and swimmer’s itch. The possible skin conditions are listed with several photos showing what they look like on different skin types. The visual display made it easier for me to figure out what was a “no” (shingles, scabies) or a “maybe” (bug bites, swimmer’s itch) for our mystery bumps.

The app also lists information about the conditions. The simple bullet-list made it easy for me to scan information and find the useful highlights. For instance, for chicken pox, it describes the shape and size of the bumps, the blisters that usually form later, and the risk of contagion. Aysa also recommends “next steps,” like medicines or ointments that might help (and a trip to the doctor for chicken pox!)

For bug bites, the app includes really useful information like how to care for stings and a simple description of how to remove a tick.

I was felling pretty anxious on our trip, when it was just me, a sick kid, a bottle of Russian Benadryl, and Google. Aysa helped me better survey the possibilities and feel more informed.

On our trip, we decided to give it a day and then find a doctor, if needed. After 36 hours in bed, my son woke up with a rebound as fast as his plummet. He said he was ready to hike a mountain and see a glacier. We were all grateful to put aside disease anxiety and scale new heights.

There are numerous things that can go wrong with skin in a week, day, or even minutes. If you need information about skin and fast, don’t hesitate to download Aysa.


Oklahoma City Moms Blog: Meet Aysa: The Skin Checker App for Moms

by Becky Walker, Oklahoma City Moms Blog

As a mom of three little ones, I have consulted with Dr. Google more times than I would like to admit. However, it was earlier on in motherhood that I decided that rashes were off limits! My kids are fair-skinned and have each had their fair share of splotchy and bumpy. However, after a quick consult with the internet, I was almost always convinced their rash was a symptom of something life-threatening. Not to mention that I had seen just WAY TOO MANY pictures that could not be unseen! I finally had to make a rule that skin conditions were off limits in my search bar.

On the flip side, bringing my kids into a germy doctors office for every single rash seemed excessive. (Especially because rashes always seem to appear at 4:59 p.m. on a Friday, amiright?) If they didn’t have something going into our visit, having my two year old press his face against the floor of the exam room is sure to send us home with a bug or two!

I recently got a chance to try a brand new app called Aysa. Aysa is an easy-to-use app for addressing concerns about common skin conditions – it’s great for kids AND adults. It’s super user-friendly, and in just minutes, you can have a much better idea of what type of rash, bug bite, or rough patch you or your child may be dealing with. Aysa was developed to be a trusted digital skin care adviser. It draws on the knowledge and experience of over 47,000 physicians and nurses to bring their expertise right into your phone. Aysa is perfect for those late night/weekend mystery rashes. It’s also GREAT for the adventurous family! Bug bite or rash from the great outdoors? You can consult with Aysa absolutely anywhere, anytime without having to cut your adventures short!

After downloading Aysa, you can create profiles for each family member.  When a bump, bite, or rash appears, you snap a quick picture with your phone and create a “case” in the app! Aysa analyzes your image and asks a few more questions about the skin condition to give you the best possible idea of what you may be dealing with. It asks questions about texture, location on the body, fever, itchiness, and timing to narrow your results and match your condition with one of the many in their database. You can read more about the possible conditions to confirm which one is plaguing your household without having to filter through mommy chat rooms vs. reliable sources on the internet.

One of my favorite parts of the app comes AFTER you’ve identified the problem. Aysa pulls up actual links of products you can use to treat the condition. (With pictures!) It even shows you where you can find the medicines/creams for prevention and self-care at a store near you AND gives you options for ordering online. (It even lists shipping speeds!)

I love that the app can provide much more accurate and personalized results than Google, AND saves me from having to load up a jillion – okay, 3 – kids for an afternoon at our pediatrician’s office. It’s important to note that Aysa is meant for children 2 years and older – not babies. It’s also not meant to take the place of a medical professional, and if you have serious concerns, you should always consult with your doctor.

The next time somebody in your house gets a rash or bump, skin Dr. Google and consult with Aysa. It is SO good to have a digital skin condition advisor on standby 24/7 with reliable information for you and your family. You can find more information here!

VisualDx to Launch AI-Enabled Smart Symptom Checker

Beta testing of Aysa, an AI-driven app, begins and revolutionizes the public’s understanding of skin conditions

VisualDx, the leading diagnostic clinical decision support tool for physicians, has announced the beginning of a beta test for its new artificial intelligence-driven symptom checker app, Aysa. The new app will allow patients to become more educated and make more informed decisions about their personal skin problems. Aysa is trained through the VisualDx platform which combines clinical search and medical knowledge from experts with a database of more than 120,000 of the best medical images in the world. Using machine learning, Aysa can provide real-time results for skin photos taken in the privacy of a patient’s home.

Skin rashes, which can range from annoying but benign to a sign of a serious condition, can look different on different skin types, even if they are the same condition. From psoriasis and eczema to herpes, skin conditions come in different shapes, sizes and severity. By simply taking a photo of one’s skin condition and answering a few questions, Aysa will generate a few possible answers in addition to next steps for the iPhone user by suggesting self-care measures or advising a visit with a health care provider. Aysa arms consumers with information and images to better understand skin conditions.

VisualDx is uniquely qualified to bring this app to market. As a physician-led company with a deep knowledge base and understanding of dermatology, VisualDx introduces Aysa as a way to augment health research, but not replace the role of a clinician. In doing so, Aysa does not diagnose. It is able to generate potential diseases and next steps for individuals with common skin conditions, thanks to the power of its world-class medical image library and the use of Apple’s CoreML.

“As a dermatologist, I know my patients are going to Google before coming to see me. But, too often, what they find is not only inaccurate, but dangerous,” said Dr. Art Papier, CEO of VisualDx. “Our patients deserve better and Aysa can provide peace of mind to a worried parent and serve as the foundation for a productive visit to the doctor’s office. We want people to use their smartphones to get the right answers when they need it most, and for the answers to be drawn from the professional knowledge of physicians.”

Beta testing for the Aysa iOS app is now open to select medical professionals and consumers and will be available to the public in early September. For more information, visit www.askaysa.com.

VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system and a standard electronic resource at medical schools and in hospital and clinic settings. VisualDx combines clinical search with a database of more than 120,000 of the best medical images in the world, plus medical knowledge from experts to help with diagnosis, treatment, self-education, and patient communication. Expanding to provide diagnostic decision support across general medicine, VisualDx brings increased speed and accuracy to the art of diagnosis. Learn more at www.visualdx.com.

Science 37 and VisualDx collaboration aims to spur participation in clinical dermatology research

VisualDx, a health technology company that developed a mobile-based skin cancer assessment tool for clinical decision support and a patient facing website, has teamed up with Science 37 to provide timely information to patients and physicians on clinical trials. The goal is to increase patient and physician awareness of clinical trials, provide an avenue to engage patients about them and make the often time-consuming process of clinical trial recruitment easier.

Read the Full Article on MedCityNews: https://medcitynews.com/2018/04/science-37-and-visualdx-collaboration/

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a shout-out to a $100-per-year app for doctors — here’s what it does

Apple CEO Tim Cook isn’t a doctor, but he talked about a piece of medical software, VisualDx, during Apple’s most recent earnings call.

It was an interesting choice of an app to highlight. Apple has deep ambition to break into the health and medical worlds, but although VisualDx is available to consumers through the Apple App Store, it’s not really an app for the public. It’s targeted at trained and credentialed doctors who can use it to help diagnose skin conditions and disorders.

Read the full article at Business Insider: https://www.businessinsider.com/visualdx-machine-learning-app-for-skin-diagnosis-ceo-interview-2017-11

VisualDx app to debut with Apple iOS 11, helping non-dermatologist doctors diagnose skin conditions

With the upcoming iOS 11 launch, a new VisualDx app, enabled with Apple Core ML, will help doctors provide quick and accurate diagnoses of lesions, rashes, and other skin conditions.

Billed as a clinical decision support system for physicians and frontline healthcare professionals, Rochester, New York-based VisualDx developed the technology to help non-dermatology health practitioners identify and treat a wide range of skin conditions, many of which were previously difficult to diagnose without referral to a specialist.

Read the full article on MobiHealthNews: https://www.mobihealthnews.com/content/visualdx-app-debut-apple-ios-11-helping-non-dermatologist-doctors-diagnose-skin-conditions

Coming Soon: Aysa

Aysa, an AI-driven skin app, uses deep learning to harness the power of the leading diagnostic clinical decision support tool.

ROCHESTER, NY [July 10, 2017] – From the team behind the leading diagnostic clinical decision support tool for physicians and an award-winning skin health website visited by hundreds of thousands of consumers each month comes the app that will help patients make better decisions about skin problems. Meet Aysa, the image recognition app trained using deep learning to give real-time results for skin photos taken in the privacy of one’s home.

Gertrude Stein famously wrote, “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” Not true for skin rashes, which can range from annoying but benign to a sign of a serious condition. Even the same condition can look different on different skin. From psoriasis to eczema to herpes, skin conditions come in different shapes, sizes, and severity. And the next question is, “What should I do?”

With Aysa, get directions on the next steps for skin conditions. Take a picture of the affected area. Aysa will ask you a few questions to understand the condition. Then you’ll be given a few possible answers as well as next steps, including self-care measures or whether to schedule an appointment with a physician or go to urgent care or the emergency room.

How is this possible? Aysa uses the power of VisualDx’s world-class medical image library and the deep-learning technique of artificial intelligence. Developed using the embedded knowledge of tens of thousands of clinicians, Aysa can direct people in their homes to better choices.

“As a dermatologist, I know my patients are going to Google before coming to see me. But, too often, what they find is not only inaccurate, it’s dangerous. Our patients deserve better. Aysa can provide peace of mind to a worried parent and serve as the foundation for a productive visit to the doctor’s office. We want people to use their smartphones to get the right answers when they need it most, and for the answers to be drawn from the professional knowledge of physicians.”—Art Papier, CEO, VisualDx.

Aysa is currently under development and will be available as an iOS app.