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The Mommyhood Chronicles: Aysa – Amazing App to Help You Figure Out Skin Conditions!!

Aysa iOS Splash

by Melissa

There used to be a commercial on TV that I’d see pretty consistently, where women were calling their moms to ask questions about how to make doctors appointments, how long to cook food for, etc. Every time I’d find myself relating deeply with those women because I’ve been there. I’ve called my mom to ask her every question under the sun; questions ranging from medications, dry cleaning, recipes and more. Whenever a question popped us that I didn’t have the answer to or was unsure about, I always thought about my mom because, to me, she knew everything.

There was no doubt in my mind that my mom would always have the answers for me, so, as a parent myself it doesn’t surprise me that my children think along those same lines. Their questions are a little less complex than the ones I’ve asked my own mom but nonetheless I feel like I’m a constant source of knowledge where my kids are concerned. That is, unless it has anything to do with ailments related to the skin. When it comes to anything like rashes, bumps, or even allergic reactions, Google has always been my go-to…that is, until recently when I became a tester for an app called Aysa.

As far as apps go, Aysa is still in its early stages. With the official launch that just happened, I couldn’t be more excited to help promote such an incredibly helpful piece of technology. How is it helpful? Well, allow me to introduce to my readers to the consumer facing symptom checker app that is changing the diagnosis game. What that means is that Aysa is able to help people, who have absolutely no medical background, diagnose common skin problems without having to see a doctor. Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to be seen in the future, but it does mean that Aysa can help identify a problem as well as help figure out IF you need to be seen or how to treat it at home if a doctor’s visit isn’t needed.

The app can help with more than 200 different kinds of skin conditions, including those such as psoriasis, poison ivy, hives, and more. It can also give you tips on whether or not an over the counter medicine is going to be of help to you of if you should in fact make a call to your doctor. In recent studies, it has been shown that up to 80% of internet users search for health care topics online, however it has also been proven that up to 50% of symptom checkers that are used consistently turn up as being wrong – and this is where Aysa comes into play.

Thanks to the apps clinical data and image library, Aysa is able to help you identify the problem more readily than ever. While it isn’t considered a tool that is able to actually “diagnose” the issue, the app can help guide users to help them know how to proceed once a more accurate idea of what skin issue has occurred is narrowed down.

Using the app is simple and quick, so you can avoid panic and undue stress while trying to figure out if you’ve come into contact with poison oak/ivy, if you’ve developed hives due to an unknown allergy, etc. All the user has to do is take a picture of the effected area and Aysa will take it from there, using access to knowledge from more than 47,000 nurses & physicians, and 137,000,000 health searches to help you better understand the underlying issue. You can interact with the app, answering questions about the ailment, your age and more, use it to refine your results and then figure out your next step – all without the internet telling you you have an incurable disease and rushing yourself to the nearest emergency department!

For users, especially parents who are prone to think the worst, Aysa is the latest lifesaver in the tech world. It’s fast, easy to use and provides piece of mind in a matter or mere minutes. I highly recommend this app to my readers. After all, who couldn’t use a little more piece of mind, especially when it comes to things like getting answers to questions about your health?

You can download Aysa from the App Store now, and to keep yourself up to date with all of the latest information about Aysa, you can visit them online or become a follower of their social media sites like Facebook & Twitter. You definitely won’t regret giving them a like to see how Aysa can help you & your loved ones!