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Dallas Moms Blog: A Skin Rash App that Won’t Keep You Guessing: a Review of Aysa

by Jessica Foy

As parents, we all have fretted over a mysterious rash that’s developed on our child’s skin. You know the questions that run through your mind … Is this serious? Do we have to go to the doctor? Can we just treat this at home, or is my child’s leg going to fall off if we don’t go to the doctor?

If I gave you a dollar for every time I’ve consulted the Internet for one of my children’s skin rashes, you’d probably be able to quit your day job and retire early.

Luckily for us (and my wallet), the brilliant makers of Aysa created an app that assesses you or your child’s symptoms and guides you in the right direction.

Here’s what I like most about the app:


The app is quick to download and setup, allowing you to immediately access the tools to assess a rash or skin condition. My daughter had a mysterious rash on her knee, so I followed the app’s directions by taking a picture of it and answered a few questions. Aysa then analyzed the photo and helped me narrow down what it could be. While it does not diagnose, it definitely steers you in the right direction. It worked well for us!


The app allows you to easily keep track of you or your child’s “case.” (That is how it’s listed in the app). The questions asked about a particular picture you submit are tailored to the individual, making it more accurate and reasonable. It’s also important to note that the pictures and information you submit never leave your phone, keeping your privacy secure.


My husband is a pediatric resident and uses the parent app of Aysa, VisualDx. After showing him Aysa, his take on it is that this is a great resource for his patients to use as a guide.

The app is built from the experience of more than 47,000 physicians and nurses, and more than 137,000,000 health searches. It is NOT a skin cancer detection app or prevention tool, but rather gives guidance on what to do for a set of 200 common skin problems.

Overall, I would highly recommend this app for parents. Aysa is a fast, easy and personalized tool to help with those pesky skin rashes and conditions.

You can download the app today, and visit Aysa’s website to learn more.