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Bianca Dottin: Say Hello to the Newest Symptom Checker App: Aysa

As mamas we know kids are accident prone. Scrapes, bruises, scratches, mysterious bumps, rashes – you name it. How many times have you seen something on your skin or your child’s skin and completely freaked out then continued to make the first doctor appointment available? I’ve been there, more than once. With Aysa, I can say goodbye to the worrying and last minute scrambling for an appointment. I’m able to cut down on the trips to the doctor and save money in the process.

Say Hello to The Newest Symptom Checker App: Aysa

Aysa is a symptom checker app. It can also be used to check for skin rashes. In just a few simple steps, you can have all of the possible results for the symptoms that are present. The app is so easy to use. First, snap a photo of the area. Then after you’ve answered a few simple questions like your list of symptoms, you’ll get all of the possible results. Once you’ve gotten all of the possible outcomes, Aysa will tell you the next steps. Possible next steps include prevention/self-care methods, a telemedicine call with a medical provider if necessary, and will even help you locate the nearest doctor that can help with the condition.

I love that Aysa is an easily accessible symptom checker app on my iPhone. It makes it easy to get answers whenever I need them. All of the content is developed by medical experts so I don’t have to worry about any misinformation. When we’re on the go whether it’s a family road trip or a Girl Scouts outing, I knew that I can count on Aysa to get me the answers that I need.

I don’t know about you but I know that Aysa will go wherever I go so that I can have a peace of mind. Aysa is currently available in the Apple app store.

*Aysa is not meant to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.