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Aysa Points Out Cellulitis Infection, Saves Man’s Life

We like to hear your stories of using Aysa to correctly diagnose and get help for your skin conditions. Tony W. sent us this testimonial to share about his cellulitis diagnosis.

“My name is Tony. I am 55 years old. Your app instantly recognized my condition on my lower left leg as cellulitis advising me to get straight to my doctor. I underwent antibiotics by a series of injections and anti inflammatory tablets and creams.”

Tony's cellulitis
Tony took this picture with Aysa and realized he needed to see his doctor right away.

Cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. It causes redness, swelling, and the infected area can be warm to the touch. If left untreated, cellulitis can be deadly.

Tony adds, “Even more so impressive about your app is that your 2nd possible diagnosis, as in the screenshots from your AYSA app, was an insect bite and my cellulitis was indeed the result of a mosquito or very possibly a jumping spider’s venom.”

Tony's Aysa screenshot included cellulitis
Tony was blown away by how accurate Aysa was. His cellulitis was caused by a bug bite.

If you would like to share your skin story using Aysa, contact us at hello@askaysa.com.

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